Home Gists Tzy Panchak wanted to f*ck Vernyuy Tina- Ushenz Bida

Tzy Panchak wanted to f*ck Vernyuy Tina- Ushenz Bida


A troll has claimed that Tzy Panchak wanted to fuck singer Vernyuy Tina.

Vibes came up on social media with some persons wondering why Tzy Panchak didn’t share Tina’s Musica music video given the fact that he is the one who assisted her to emerge. Immediately after the Naso challenge song, they were often seen together . Out of a sudden, the artist started doing more songs with other artists who were also uplifted via the Naso challenge song like Vivid and Cleo while Vernyuy who was the idol of the song was left out.I mean, this will leave everyone in deep wonder!

What happened to their friendship ?

And so, a fan appreciated Tzy Panchak though questioning him on why he didn’t share Musica. The artist claimed it is because Vernyuy started working with one who isn’t his friend. For him, he has equally abandoned all the projects he did with Dj Cliff but he is trying to support Vernyuy from afar. He can’t do it closely.

Ushenz Bida who claims to know the Bayangi people, immediately retorted claiming that Tzy Panchak wanted more from Tina than just music and friendship. According to him, Banso people are very smart and will never give in to such demands. They rather work hard!Bida wrote :

The truth is that Tzy wanted to f*ck Tina, you know how Bayangi guy’s them der with palava f*ck noh, but nsopeople them over wise too, Tina no gree you bb😥😥😥😥 shame Tzy


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