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Biography of Soli Egbe; age, education, Movies, status & contact.


Solantine Egbe popularly known as Soli Egbe is a Cameroonian actress, movie producer, business woman and TV personality.

The CEO of GreenSea Dynasty Media was born on May 20, 1992 and is from Bayangi/Oroko.


She is 28 years old


-CCC mankon

-FCC buea

-Somerset Bilingual College

-Higher institute of management studies in collaboration with university of Bamenda were she obtained her Bachelor’s degree.


She has acted in ots of movies like:



-before you say yes I do

-bad runs


-The prodigal son


– Rumble TV series

– Stripped, just just to name the few.

Soli Egbe has acted with actors like : Ruth kadiri, Nino bolale, wole ojo , aduniade, Zack Orji(Nigeria) etc and cameroonian stars like Epule Jeffrey, Velery nchifor etc


The actress is single with no child as of yet.


IG: @Soliegbe

Fb : Soli Egbe

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