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Discover Idreambarbers by Ivan A, home for aspiring youths.


It has never been easy to see youths who believe in what they love doing and actually do it.

Idreambarbers is a home for young aspiring barbers who’ve got a big vision to go Worldwide.

Based in Bromely-London, United Kingdon, Idreambarbers was launched on February 23, 2020.

It has as CEO Agya Akwah Ivan, a 19-year old Ghanaian/ British lad.

At Idreambarbers, they do cute hair cuts for both sex. They are open from Monday to Saturday, 10a.m to 7pm.

This organisation has got different prices defending on the different haircuts their customers want. Students bring along their ID card to have a 20% discount.

Most celebrities hair y’all see is done by Idreambarbers. What are you waiting for to look this special?👇

Without spending much, everyone is welcomed to join the dreamers. As of now, all commands are received via bookings.

This is a precaution to avoid the Covid19 spread. Also, customers are encouraged to wear Masks, use sanitizers & respect other Covid19 preventive spread measures.To book them, kindly click the link below :