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(Relationship coaching) 5 things a man loves in a woman he wants to marry.


We are talking to you about the 4 feminine and essential qualities today. The ones men look for in a woman they see in their future.

  • Men love Sensuality

As you probably already know, what men notice first is physical appearance. So as much not to neglect it and make sure to catch the male looks. The best way ? Let your sensuality express itself. To become this attractive woman, you will have to work on your appearance and your self-confidence at the same time. The two go hand in hand and are related. To improve your appearance, take care to choose clothes that show off your curves, do not hesitate to bring out your natural beauty with a little makeup to highlight what you prefer about your home. Play with accessories to make your eyes pop, highlight your waist, or lift your hair. Be attractive.

  • Self-confidence and independence

And yes, men are logical. If they like sensual women, it is because they like confident women. So without becoming a megalomaniac and insufferable, stop putting yourself down, telling yourself that you are good for nothing. If you have real reason to think about yourself, there are ways you can make a difference. So rather than bemoan your fate, take matters into your own hands. You can only thank yourself for it: in addition to feeling better and being satisfied with yourself, you will be more attractive to men. There is no reason why you should continue to be untrustworthy.

  • Men love Sweetness

Who says self-confidence and independence does not necessarily mean a rough woman. Assuming yourself, having your own ideas, your own hobbies and your freedom still allows you to be gentle in this world. And that’s good because gentleness is an essential element in a relationship. Love to snuggle up in your man’s arms when you get home from a hard day? The opposite is also true. Even the less communicative men will appreciate your comforting gentleness when the time comes, especially if you know how to dose it so you don’t flood him with a tide of hugs and kisses he doesn’t want.

  • Men love authenticity

You have surely heard someone tell you that in order to please a man you have to know how to be multiple: the lover, the confidante but also the sister or the mother. In short, we should constantly renew ourselves to show men that we are not predictable and that we can react to any situation by taking different hats. Knowing how to be present for your man when he wants to talk to us, knowing how to listen to him, being there to help and encourage him when he needs it and knowing how to relax in order to simply enjoy life together is just as important. than being the desirable woman he loves. It’s true. But that doesn’t mean that men don’t prefer a genuine woman to a woman who will apply herself to playing roles without ever being herself.

  • Simplicity

Men like simplicity, which is not the main feature of most women. So how do you do it? Just avoid getting caught up in things that aren’t worth it. If you can’t fix a problem at a specific time because the resources aren’t available, just wait until you can take action. Avoid trick questions, those to which they know full well that any answer will be wrong. Men don’t appreciate mined land that much, so spare them