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Guy abandoned as a baby by father for being Albino; see what he becomes after 20 years.


People often make mistakes that we end up bitterly regretting. Let me tell you the story of this young man who was abandoned by his father when he was born because he is Albino.

Married for two years, a young couple awaited the arrival of a child in the family. Unfortunately, when the child was born, the latter was not loved by his father because he is an Albino. Desperate, the young father abandoned his wife and child because according to him, an albino child is a source of misfortune. The mother was forced to take care of her child on her own. Despite the many mockeries and criticisms she suffered, she never felt the urge to abandon her son and loved him as he is.

20 years later, the young albino who was very successful in school with solid degrees, was appointed general manager of a palm oil manufacturing company and was considered the best company general manager in their country so its companies were growing rapidly with very high turnover. In addition, he owned many properties. His salary was estimated at around two million FCFA per month. The child who was rejected by all, became very successful . It was at this point that his father reappeared in his life. The latter regretted having abandoned him with his mother and begged for their forgiveness. Seeing that he had esteem for his father, he accepted his apologies.

Eh yes! , Life really has surprises in store for us that we least expect. As we always say “we appreciate happiness after having lost it” and this is the case with his father.

Dear readers, in his place, will you forgive your father for abandoning you because you are Albino?