Home Entertainment MHD finally breaks silence after being released and claims his innocence.

MHD finally breaks silence after being released and claims his innocence.


After serving nearly two years in prison, the famous French rapper MHD was released from prison this year. He was accused of having participated in the murder of Cameroonian Loïc Kamtchouang in July 2018. After being quite quiet since his release, MHD has broken the silence this Thursday, July 23 through a post on his Facebook page proclaiming his innocence.

MHD claims his innocence

“To extinguish any false information, I confirm that the appeals court has finally accepted my release. I will not speak on the matter and will continue to fight to demonstrate my innocence. I thank my lawyers EliseArfi antoinevey & my relatives for their support “wrote MHD expressing his desire to forget this dark and sinister period of his life and to move forward.

Indeed, during an evening in July 2018, Loïc Kamtchouang of Cameroonian nationality was killed during a brawl in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. According to a source close to the investigation, there is talk of a settling of scores between gangs in the 18th and 19th arrondissements of Paris. During that infamous night, Loïc Kamtchouang was fatally stabbed, a car belonging to MHD was seen on the scene, and the artist of the hit title “Roger Milla” was arrested and imprisoned with three other suspects.
Unrecognizable, after his release from prison, he wants to concentrate on his passion which is music.

As a reminder, MHD is the inventor of “afro-trap”, a festive rap with African influences, is notably known for his hit “Afro Trap Part. 3 (Champions League) ”, a hymn to the glory of PSG, and for his eponymous debut album, certified triple platinum in France.