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Nyangono Du sud takes his wife to abort after she cheated on him.


Guest of the day on the show “Dimanche avec vous” presented by Esther Maël, Cameroonian artist Nyangono du Sud, the singer of “foup-fap”, spoke and spoke live in front of thousands of viewers. Without any restraint, he made a rather icy, scandalous and mind-boggling revelation.
Indeed, during this talk show, Nyangono declared to have brought his wife to abort though she was two (02) months late.

The artist justifies this despicable act by the fact that during his last trip to China, he had been forced to stay there for a long time due to the barrier measures that had been put in place by China thus blocking all borders. . During this rather long and prolonged absence, it turns out that the artist’s sweetheart, the one with whom he shares his daily life; remained him “typing-back”. According to Nyangono, people of bad faith remained to tell his wife that her husband died in every way from Covid-19 in China.

Vulnerable, fragile, and desperate, the artist’s wife gave herself body and soul to another. An infidelity on her part which led to a pregnancy.

A rather toxic situation for the singer, who, after noticing the delay of 02 months of his half, took her to the hospital to terminate the pregnancy.
Internet users and the public are finding it difficult to digest this story and this reprehensible act.