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Biography of Muriel Blanche, Cameroonian actress.


LEUMENI KAMCHEU MURIEL popularly known as Muriel Blanche was born on August 25, 1990 in BANDJA , West region.

She has a twin sister called Oscarine.

At a tender age, she liked to perform in front of the whole family as soon as the opportunity arose. She did her primary and secondary studies in the same locality.

Graduated from a BAC + 2 management and international trade then dreamt of joining the artistic world.

This dream only came through via serious Hard-work and courage.

She got famous through the web series #PAKGNES alongside her best friend Marcelle Kuetche. They are also the pioneers of the web series in Cameroon.

Today, thanks to her determination, she is one of the most followed Cameroonian celebrities on social media and the most followed and prominent actress in Cameroon.

The young woman is the mother of two beautiful little girls Lynsha and Naël. She is also the owner of one of the most beauty institutes in Cameroon @ bewitched by Muriel blanche.

Her success in the web comedy pakgne opened her doors as her participation in different tv series such as Habiba, Madame et Monsieur and many others. Recently she decided to release her own film titled Aline Le film which was available in theaters on December 23. She has more projects in store.