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Bafouassam accident : list of deaths & wounded of Général express Voyage.


The tragedy occurred on the night of July 20 to 21, 2021 at a place called “Mbé So Mbé” in Bafoussam.

A big bus with 70 seats crushed on the left side. Scattered all around, travel bags and clothes. In some places, traces of blood are still visible. Not far away, a truck is immobilized in a house where a section of the wall is broken. The image is striking around 8:30 am this Wednesday, July 21, 2021, at a place called ‘’ Mbé So Mbé near the Bafoussam military camp in Bafoussam. The curious, moved, continue to run. Some visibly close to the victims are in tears. These are the consequences of a traffic accident that occurred at this point on the Bafoussam-Bamenda axis shortly after midnight. According to witnesses, the public transport bus, which left Dschang, was going to Yaoundé. Except at this point, it collided with the oncoming truck. The truck, we learn, suddenly left its side on the road and violently collided with the jumbo. Attempts by the driver of this vehicle, belonging to a public transport agency, to escape the collision only avoided a frontal impact which would obviously have resulted in a heavier toll. However, this accident immediately claimed the lives of six people. Likewise, 22 injuries were recorded, including serious cases. Among the deceased, the jumbo truck driver and his assistant as well as the truck driver. Immediately alerted, the firefighters arrived on the scene. Helped by night owls, they extracted the passengers stuck in the bus. The injured were taken to the emergency room of the Bafoussam regional hospital. The dead were kept in the morgue of the same health facility.

Sources said the truck driver was severely intoxicated. In addition to inform us witnesses, the two vehicles were driving at an open grave.

This fatal traffic accident thus adds to the list of tragedies recorded on the roads of the Western Region since the beginning of the current year. We still have fresh memories of the many accidents on the cliff of Dschang, that of a few days ago in Bangangté …

List of those killed in the accident of 07/21/2021

1-Giradine Kenfack – 37 years old saleswoman;

2-Azinatou Ngoran – 33 years old Housewife;

3-Henry Tenekeu – 33 years old driver;

4-Elisaberth Yagoue Tchoua – 51 years old;

5-Not identified;

6-Not identified.

List of wounded from 21 / O7 / 2021

1-Sterine Atsamo 23 years F

2-Emmanuel Nkembe Abanda 21 years M

3-Victorine Kosho 25 years F

4-Jodile Makougoum 24 years old F

5-Armelle Donfack 45 years F

6-Flore Achauma 33 years old F

7-Messiah Emama 22 years F

8-Rodrigue Longla 37 years M

9-Landry fopa Nouayou M

10-Laure Kenfack 52 years old F

11-Clotilde Mka 3 2 years F

12-Josias Allahasguem 20 years M

13-Caroline Sonfack 41 years old F

14-Clémentine Tonsso 57 years old F

15-Grace Nzeufack 14 years F

16-Carole Tsapze 24 years old F

17-Monica Sangui 21 years F

18-Arnaud Tsafack M

19-Séraphin Tetang 28 years old M

20-Samanta Kenzo 22 years old

21-Jodrers Asignem M


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