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Afriblinksblog is Cameroon’s first class news & entertainment website. However, it was created with the vision of transporting the African culture worldwide, the reason for its appellation; THE AFRICAN BLOG.

It was founded by Josy Blinks (Josiane Ndonda) in 2016.  At first the domain name was different.

It left from Afriblinksblog.com to Afriblinks.com. The name Afriblinks came about when the young ambitious lady identified that the African culture and Cameroon entertainment industry in particular at that time needed something to shine the light. It needed more work.

That is why the name “Afri” stands for Africa and “Blinks” stand for shinning the light.

Afriblinksblog has the intention of blinking light into the African entertainment industry.

Our colours are Black, White and dark orange.

We have been opportune to interview African celebrities Worldwide. We have interviewed Nigerian actors, Sudan celebs, Cameroonian celebs, Ghanaian etc.

Our slogan is : AFRIBLINKSBLOG, entertainment on another phase.

We intend on pushing the African entertainment industry and taking it to another phase.

We are not perfect but we keep pushing forward.

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Instagram: @afriblinksblogofficial
Twitter: @OfficialAbblog
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TikTok : Afriblinkstv
YouTube: Afriblinks TV

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