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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Can Blanche Bailly Be considered smartest Cameroonian Showbiz lady?

'I always transfer my pains into money making moves'Blanche Bailly revealed in an interview done previously. When asked why she mostly sings about heartbreaks, Cameroonian...

Delly Singah Phillips to Launch Magazine.

Cameroonian best female relationship coach, Delly who owns a popular page DellyMatchups is about to release something for Valentines. At least everyone has a Valentine's...

Discover “Cartoon Babezz” by Brenda Biya, the Art kingster.

Apart from being the Cameroon's first daughter, Anastasie Brenda Biya alias the KINGSTER is a self-taught digital artist, cartoonist and an animation student. "I have...

Discovery and career growth of DJ Sallas.

At the bright light of the sound mix, sound grouping & looping in Cameroon, definitely stands DJ Sallas; a phenomenal Cameroonian DJ who has...

8th Edition of Balafon Music Awards – List of winners.

The red carpet of the 8th edition of Balafon Music Awards took place yesterday Thursday, December 10, 2020 at Saint David's Square in Bonanjo,...

#MUMA2020: Complete list of winners.

This is how Muzikol award ended up yesterday. The award ceremony took place in Douala Bercy, below is the full list of...

Top 10 most followed Cameroonian celebrities on Instagram.

One cannot refute the fact that Cameroonian artists have grown followers wise rapidly these last years. From 100k to a million followers over a short...

Kang Quintus wins best Actor (Fisherman’s Diary) at the Best Actor Award, Newyork.

Once again, Cameroonian actor, Kang Quintus has won another award, this time around, he has won the Diamond Award as the best actor in...

Discover the darkest skin woman in the World.

Nyakim Gatwech, popularly known as the Queen of Darkness, is currently the darkest girl in the world. Nyakim was born on January 27th in...

“Men refuse me because of my muscles whereas I’m a nice woman” – Dali...

This athlete named Dali Joe is a German sprotive and bodybuilder. She is one of the most beautiful female bodybuilders in the world with...

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