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Afriblinksblog is an entertainment platform out to promote any form of art. We promote music, Books, movies, designs just to name a few. We have a wide following range from America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Australia… who are always so eager to discover new art from all over.

As long as it is good, everyone will be excited to get in touch. That is why we are so excited to receive you today willing to be featured on our platform. You are in the right place actually. Our google presence is excellent.

P.S Only well made & answered interview will be published on our social media handles likewise the blog.

 Our aim isn’t just to promote you, but to also make sure the audience is satisfied. They deserve quality content.


  • Send us your works and biography. We cannot interview you based on what we do not know. Our goal isn’t just to interview you for interview sake. We wish to know which of our target to tackle. We will need your biography to introduce you to the audience and then we will need to read your work in order to be able to effectively pose questions that will promote your work.
  • Answer questions in both written and video format. You do not have to edit the video. We will edit it for you. We want a video format in other to post on our social media platforms. We have a wide following who will be curiously anxious to discover your works.
  • Interview done and published. We then promote further. Easy, isn’t it ?

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People Seemingly hate investing :

A lot of artistes, authors love « free things » or think everything they see on social media is scam. We understand your ply. It is normal to be weary but do not miss good opportunities.

You will seemingly never find a genuine good service done for free. Writing is an occupation you wish to earn from , so is promoting to others. And it will shock you to know we actually reinvest money in sponsoring the authors work. We truly understand what authors go through especially young authors but also compensating us for our work wouldn’t be a big deal, is it ?


Please send us information for your interview.

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    Payment is done Via PayPal/Zelle or cashapp after we have received your mail.

    $80 – $150.


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